Japanese sunglass manufacturer District Vision, founded in 2015, designs sunglasses specially made for athletes. District Vision researches and develops sunglasses for outdoor pursuits. They collaborate with athletes to produce the world’s first proprietary Japanese eyewear system. With all their products, they maintain the methodology of Kaizen, the concept of continuous improvement, to make the most excellent tools for athletes. The lightweight frame makes them a very popular choice for runners.


The newest model is the Takeyoshi Altitude Master, a frame designed for rigorous outdoor pursuits is tested by New York City athletes and made in Japan. The Takeyoshi Altitude Master is an 8 base frame construction designed for rigorous outdoor pursuits. The ergonomic form is engineered to aid ventilation and enhance the field of vision while protecting the eyes. Other details include adjustable nose pads and temples that are architected for helmet use. Available now in three styles