Honda have made some truly beautiful machines over the years, but they’ve also had their share of aesthetic bungles. The mid-70s CB750, for example, is downright elegant; the mid-90s Nighthawk model, not so much.

This didn’t stop Kaspeed Moto from hitting a home run with a Nighthawk cafe racer last year. They turned it into a limited series of made-to-order builds, and it paid off—they’ve already filled three orders, with two more bikes currently on the bench.

But the German crew was presented with an even tougher challenge recently. They had to build something decent with an even more awkward mid-90s Honda—the rather ugly NTV 650 Revere.

The SOHC, V-twin NTV 650 is a weird mash-up: a retro sport-tourer back end, and a barebones roadster front end. But it’s also been praised for its reliability as a daily runner, and even though it only makes 50-something horses,

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