Based in a country where sub-250cc bikes rule, it’s no surprise that K-Speed has a serious knack for transforming small-displacement models into mean, menacing-looking machines.

Despite the Thai shop’s proclivity for pint-sized projects, K-Speed has worked with all manner of donors, including full-size models—which again, shouldn’t come as a surprise considering it completed almost five dozen builds in 2018 alone.

This latest build was commissioned by Yamaha Thailand to be released in conjunction with the new XSR155 model. Currently limited to just the Thai market, the XSR155 is the latest addition to the tuning fork company’s ‘Sport Heritage’ lineup.

Offering the same modern-vintage aesthetic as its 700 and 900cc siblings in a small-displacement package, the baby XSR uses a 19hp, 155cc SOHC single with variable valve actuation—the same motor employed by the MT-15 and YZF-R15.

This isn’t the first time a manufacturer has given K-Speed

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