Nicola Martini, known in the motorcycle community as Mr Martini, is one of the original custom motorcycle builders – he’s been building motorcycles since 1994 and working under the Mr Martini label since 2003.

He’s based in Verona, Italy (the city used as the location for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet) and as a former Triumph motorcycle importer he’s built a significant number of Triumph-based custom motorcycles – all of which have garnered him significant worldwide exposure with dozens of stories both in print and online.

The plan for this build was to create a compete in sprint races, he had always wanted to try it but didn’t have a suitable bike. He started the project using a Triumph Legend TT as his starting point, and unusual choice given the bike’s cruiser origins and relatively low power output.

The Triumph Legend TT was released in 1998 as a less expensive

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