This is the 2016 Trackmaster Miler prototype, it was developed by the team at Trackmaster to be the ultimate version of the modern Harley-Davidson-based street tracker.

Far from being a Sportster with a few bolt on fibreglass parts, the Trackmaster Miler has a full bespoke chromoly frame, a custom aluminum alloy fuel tank, side covers, and seat/rear cowl, alloy triple trees, a chain final drive conversion, custom short exhaust headers, a low profile headlight spoked 19 inch wheels front and back, and front and rear disc brakes with twin four-pot calipers on the front.

Chromoly was chosen for the frame due to its strength and low weight, it’s an alloy of steel also containing chromium and molybdenum. The alloy is much stronger and harder than standard 1020 steel but its difficult to weld, requiring experienced welders who apply a thermal treatment both before and after welding to avoid cracking.

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