This article was written by Bujar Muharremi, the co-founder of AutoFabrica. When possible we like to bring you the story of a custom build in the words of the people who built it, to offer clear insight into their thought process and methods.

The Type 7G started life as a 1978 SR500 Yamaha, the big single has been featured as our Type 7 series builds for a number of times now, it’s our most popular bike that clients always keep coming back to, the simplicity of the build really captures the imagination and allows our clients to implement their colours so well.

Joel approached us to commission a Type 7 but it wasn’t your normal type of request, he wanted his bike to be finished for the Scram Africa Rally, a gruelling 2,000 km run in 45 degree celsius Moroccan heat across the Sahara Desert, we couldn’t wait to take

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