We’re usually all about high-end customs here, but not everyone has the budget to put an extreme machine in their garage. And we know that many readers have lightly-customized daily riders—often older bikes that are subtly fettled without compromising practicality too much.

Untitled Motorcycles have built customs at both ends of the spectrum, mixing commissions from manufacturer marketing departments with low-key but classy BMW airheads.

This latest Thruxton build is a textbook example of how to refresh an older bike without breaking the bank. It comes from Untitled’s London workshop, headed by Adam Kay. (Co-founder Hugo Eccles runs the San Francisco sister shop.)

The donor bike is a 2015 Triumph Thruxton 900—the last of the air-cooled bikes—owned by Untitled’s client Victor Douce. “Victor came to us because he saw our GQ Thruxton and loved it,” says Adam.

Victor has owned his 2015 air-cooled Thruxton 900 from new,

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