For some people, building custom bikes is a sideline—an after-hours escape from the daily grind. For others it’s purely a business, with success measured by income and Instagram likes. And then there’s the third type: the guys who are so passionate about the scene, they’d mortgage their house to keep going.

Malmö-based Fredrik Pål Persson is one of the passionate types: he actually did mortgage his house to keep going, a couple of years ago. He bounced back with a stunning CB500, and he’s just given us a peek at his two latest bikes, a classic pair of Honda and Kawasaki café racers.

Having almost gone bankrupt, Fredrik is now wise enough to have a standardized process for most of his builds. And he’s applied that to both the CB750 and the Z650—giving them a family feel without compromising their individuality.

Both bikes have had their electrics completely stripped

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