It isn’t only regular Joes who keep the grinder sparks flying in custom workshops. A small but generous group of brands are also happy to commission bikes—because they’re a darn sight more interesting than most promotional vehicles or stunts.

The German sportswear label and retailer BSTN is one of those farsighted brands, and this is the second custom they’ve commissioned from Philipp Wulk of Impuls.

The base vehicle is a Sur-Ron Firefly: a popular and surprisingly powerful little scoot that sits halfway between an electric bicycle and electric motorcycle.

Also known as the Light Bee, it has a top speed of 73 kph (45 mph) and a real-world range of around 70 kilometers (43 miles). The build quality is exceptional—reportedly better than that of most motorcycle makers, and approaching Honda levels, according to some testers.

Impuls have worked with BSTN before, creating a striking Ducati 916 to

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