BMW’s annual Pure&Crafted show is a goldmine for seekers of unusual motorcycles, and not just those manufactured in Berlin. At this year’s shindig in Amsterdam, one of the most intriguing machines we spotted was this 1928 Indian 101 Scout, resurrected from the dead by Bernhard Elflein of Herzbube.

Bernhard has finally managed to arrange a photo-shoot for the Scout, and he’s filled us in on its unusual backstory.

He’s owned the Scout engine for 14 years. It has an interesting history: in the days before the German reunification, the engine was used in East Germany to power a tractor, and the rest of the bike was discarded.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, a professor of philosophy bought the engine to save it from the crusher. He took it home, but it fell onto the leg of his child—and his partner told him to get rid

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