Kaffeemaschine is one of the big success stories in the European custom world. Founder Axel Budde specializes in high-end Moto Guzzi cafe racers, with modern updates and immaculate build quality.

Axel sticks to what he knows, and doesn’t reinvent the wheel with every build. As his reputation has grown, so has the Kaffeemaschine business: he’s hired two staff to help him, moved to a bigger workshop, and one of his clients is now a business partner.

“KM23 is the first bike built by the new team, and not just by myself,” Axel tells us.

It’s based on a 1984 850 Le Mans Mark III, which means the air-cooled V-twin was upgraded with tighter machining tolerances, different cylinder heads, a new intake system, and squared-off cooling fins on the barrels.

The man who commissioned ‘KM23’ is one of Europe’s top automotive historians. “He was the head

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