The annals of motorcycling history are filled with ‘tweeners’—motorcycles that improved upon outgoing models, but eventually fizzled out to make way for the next generation. Just like the Honda CBX 750 F.

The CBX 750 F was an update on the beloved (and indeed iconic) CB750, but it wasn’t nearly as popular, and wasn’t really sold in the US either. It was pretty cool in its own way though, with a ‘modern’ DOHC 16-valve motor and radical sport touring styling that, like most things from the 80s, hasn’t dated well.

There aren’t many CBX 750 customs out there, and more’s the pity. There’s a lot of potential in this 80s-era machine—and Chris Scholtka’s just shown us how to unleash it with this wild 1984-spec model.

Chris lives in a town called Cottbus, 68 miles southeast of Berlin. He’s a firefighter, but spends his down time customizing bikes as

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