Like any proper cult vehicle, the Ducati SportClassic was hugely under-appreciated when it was first released. That’s probably because it was ahead of its time—blending retro style with contemporary performance, just before modern classics were as popular as they are now.

Or maybe it’s because its looks simply didn’t gel with everyone. Most pundits think of the Terblanche-designed SportClassic as timeless and elegant—but others write it off as awkward and portly.

Take the crew at Greaser Garage in Genoa, in northern Italy. They love the bones of the GT1000 model, and reckon it has potential—but the potential is “hidden under a bulky body that makes it heavy and not very pleasant to look at.” Ouch.

Greaser Garage founder, Giorgio Pellegrino, has been working on bikes since he was fifteen. He started the shop as a sideline gig ten years ago but is now full-time with five permanent staff and

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