Twenty years ago, street-legal supermotos weren’t really ‘a thing.’ But in Europe, change was in the air—and the KTM Duke II was one of the catalysts. The rough-and-ready 625 cc single was huge fun on short trips, and helped set the template for future supermotos.

Over the past couple of years, custom supermotos have become more common, delivered by builders who value performance as much as aesthetics. And one of those builders is Garett Wilson of Dubstyle Designs in Colorado, USA.

“These Dukes have a cult following, but not many people really know them,” he says. “Google the things—they were nothing short of ugly!”

This Duke is Garett’s daily rider now, but he had a vision for a KTM street tracker years before he began this build. It gave him time to research and collect parts, so when the spanners started spinning, he had most of what he

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