Not one but two incredible BMW builds, plus a wild Honda dual sport scooter, a rare Egli-Triumph track bike, and a muscular Honda CBX from Tokyo. Buckle up!

Honda X-ADV by Officine GP Design If you don’t know what the X-ADV is, get ready to have your mind blown: It’s an adventure scooter that Honda released in 2016. Yes, this neo-futuristic cafe racer started out as a scooter (and a dual-sport one at that).

Our compadres over at Return of the Cafe Racers don’t go into too much detail on how Officine GP Design got around the X-ADV’s frame and suspension to transform it into this, but it’s not entirely inconceivable. The X-ADV has long(ish) travel suspension, and the same parallel twin motor as the wildly popular NC700. So it has good bones.

Those bones are now wrapped in a full complement of hand-beaten aluminum body parts. The

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