Incredibly, all three of these motorcycles are coming up for sale with Bonhams on the 19th of October with an estimated hammer price of £12,000 to £16,000 – a temptingly affordable entry point into the world of vintage motorcycle sprint racing.

The Yellow Peril, Scarlet Peril, and Blue Peril were developed by self-taught engineer and racing pioneer Bill Bragg. Bragg was an English carpenter and cabinet maker who started out in sidecar racing before moving to sprint racing, it would be in the world of sprint racing he would really make his name by developing the three bikes you see here and leaving a lasting impact on the sport in Britain.

It was the Yellow Peril that was built first after Bragg had to abandon a previous motorcycle design that used twin Triumph engines in a lengthened Norton Featherbed frame. The Yellow Peril was an advanced bike for the time

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