Triumph’s previous generation air-cooled modern classics are true sleepers, with stacks of potential waiting to be unlocked. Pick up a neat secondhand model, throw the right mods at it, and you’ll soon be giving newer machines a run for their money.

That’s exactly what France’s FCR Original have done here. Starting with a 2015-model Triumph Thruxton (“the nicest,” they say), builders Sébastien Guillemot and Mathieu Ménard have produced an edgy roadster that’s ready to shred.

Sébastien and Mathieu’s goals were simple: sporty looks, sporty performance, and top-shelf finishes all around. What they ended up with was a sleek classic with a sting in its tail.

FCR’s six-person team started by dismantling the Thruxton and tweaking its frame. They shortened it out back, then welded in a hand-bent rear loop, with an integrated tail light and turn signal combo LED.

But the most man-hours went into giving the

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