Traditional cafe racers are typically designed with restraint high on the agenda. But we’re just as enthused by customs that trade reservedness for loudness—like this BMW K1100 with extremely sharp lines and a reflective livery.

This left-field custom is the work of Impuls in Munich, Germany. And as we’ve seen from their previous work, the team of Philipp Wulk and Matthias Pittner don’t care much for tradition.

They’ve embraced the K1100’s angular nature rather than trying to smooth everything out—and made some real bold moves on the finishes.

The donor bike was a 1993 BMW K1100 RS that had acted as a shop bike for a couple of years. With 25,000 km on the dial and regular services under the belt, the motor was in tiptop shape. But Philipp and Matthias wanted to use the same subframe design as their previous K100 builds, so they transferred everything over

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