This is an original 1948 Tucker engine, the Tucker 48 is undoubtably one of the most famous low-production number cars of the 20th century and it was powered by a re-purposed 5.5 litre helicopter engine.

The car was made famous in mainstream society thanks to the film Tucker: The Man and His Dream by Francis Ford Coppola, starring Jeff Bridges, Joan Allen, and Martin Landau.

The original engine specifications that Preston Tucker had wanted for the Tucker 48 included a flat-6 configuration, liquid-cooling, all-aluminum alloy construction, and 150 hp. This was a significant horsepower figure for the era.

Above Image: Preston Tucker’s personal Tucker 48 – Used here to show what the Tucker 48 looks like.

Development of the prototype engines proved fraught with issues, development was eventually abandoned and a new engine was sought. The air-cooled Bell 47 helicopter engine designed and manufactured by the somewhat unimaginatively named

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