This is the world’s first racing Golf. It’s a 1975 Volkswagen Golf Mk 1 that was built to Group 2 specification by Rolf Nothelle, the car is historically significant not just because it’s the first Golf race car but because it pre-dates the Golf GTI.

Due to the fact that a performance version of the Golf (known as the Rabbit in North America) had never been built before, Rolf Nothelle and his team found themselves needing to design and fabricate many of the parts required for the conversion from road car to Group 2 racer.

The Golf was a direct replacement for the Volkswagen Beetle, sales of the latter car had been troubled for some time – partly due to the fact it was antiquated by the standards of the 1970s and partly because of a study published in 1972 by the Center for Auto Safety titled “Small–on safety:

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