This is the first Apollo 3500 GT Spider that was ever built, just 5 Spider versions of the Apollo 3500 GT would be made in total, and this is the only one with the all-aluminum Buick V8.

The Apollo 3500 GT

The story of the Apollo GT is a tale of determination with a sprinkling of luck. Young automobile engineer Milt Brown was living in England in the early 1960s and working as a race car designer for Emeryson.

Along with friends Ron Plescia and Ned Davis, Brown dreamed of starting a sports car marque in the United States that would be able to compete with the best European GT cars, but using far more affordable American engines, transmission, and running gear. An idea shared by the likes of Carroll Shelby, Alejandro de Tomaso, and Giotto Bizzarrini – to name just a few.

A chance meeting at the 1961

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