If there were a car from any point in history that would be driven by Jules Verne, it would be this, the 1976 Citroën Indecision. Although it’s based on a French car it was actually built in 1984 in Britain by world renowned car creator Andy Saunders.

The bodywork and interior are all bespoke, rather than using more common and far easier materials to work with like fibreglass, the Citroën Indecision has a full steel body frame with a full steel body – all formed by hand.

The Citroën DX

The Indecision is based on a 1976 Citroën CX Pallas, the CX model was originally released in 1974 and sold all the way until 1991. The CX based on the same technology as the Citroën DS, with similar styling, a hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension system, wind tunnel-tuned aerodynamics, and a front engined, front wheel drive layout.

Citroën was a more

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