The Zimmer Quicksilver is a rare car, so rare in fact that it’s possible you’ve never heard of it before. I know I’d never encountered the creatively-styled, mid-engined car before this one popped up for sale with RM Sotheby’s.

To cut a very long story short, the Zimmer Quicksilver is a heavily modified Pontiac Fiero with a mostly-new body and an upgraded interior that sold between 1984 to 1988, just 170 or so were made, and they cost approximately $48,000 USD – versus the $13,000 USD MSRP for a similarly equipped Fiero at the time.

The Zimmer Motorcars Corporation

The Zimmer Motorcars Corporation was founded by Paul Zimmer in 1978 to build the Zimmer Golden Spirit. This was (and still is) a very divisive vehicle that was based on a Ford Mustang but featured 1930s design influences presented in a platform that’s a little on the kitsch side of classic.

I’ll likely

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