The De Tomaso P70, later known as the Ghia DeTomaso, was a joint project between two independent icons of the motoring world – Alejandro de Tomaso of Argentina and Carroll Shelby of the USA. The project was founded to develop a race car able to compete in and dominate the then-new United States Road Racing Championship (USRRC), which itself was channeled into the Can-Am series in 1968.

The project to build the De Tomaso P70 was fraught with difficulties including personality clashes, geography, and cultural misunderstandings. Both de Tomaso and Shelby were larger than life characters used to doing things their own way, although de Tomaso was in charge of building the car it was Shelby who was the customer, as a successful former racing driver himself and a specialty car builder he knew exactly what he wanted and he had no intention of accepting anything less.

The Vallelunga


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