The Alpina B7 S Turbo had the unique distinction of being the fastest four door production car in the world when it was introduced in November 1981. Interestingly, it was this model’s forebear, the Alpina B7 Turbo, that had been the fastest four door production car in the world until the arrival of its successor.

Alpina – BMW’s Alter Ego

In BMW circles, Alpina is legendary. For the uninitiated, Alpina (Alpina Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH & Co. KG) is an automobile performance company that works exclusively with BMW vehicles.

Unusually, Alpina versions of BMW vehicles are so comprehensively modified that they’re actually classed as an automobile maker not just as a tuning company. Each Alpina car carries an Alpina VIN plate, not a BMW VIN plate.

Alpina was founded in 1965 by Burkard Bovensiepen, but the automotive company history can be dated back to 1962 when they developed a Weber

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