The De Tomaso Mangusta was built shortly after a falling out between two of the biggest personalities in the automotive world of the 1960s – Alejandro de Tomaso and Carroll Shelby.

Many have surmised that the name of the “Mangusta” was a direct jab at Shelby by de Tomaso – it means “Mongoose” in Italian, and the Mongoose is the only animal that hunts, kills, and eats Cobras.

The two men had an agreement in place to develop a race car called the P70 – it was intended to compete in the United States Road Racing Championship (USRRC), which was incorporated into the Can-Am Championship in 1968. Shelby had sent Peter Brock to Italy to work on the car with the Italian team, despite a wealth of racing experience and talent the project was a failure and Shelby pulled the plug.

He instructed Brock to get back to the USA

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