The Duesenberg Model D Concept was developed in the early 1960s by Fred “Fritz” Duesenberg, the son of the original company co-founder Augie Duesenberg, with financial backing from Texas real estate baron Fred J. McManis Jr.

There have been a slew of attempts to revive iconic early-20th century motoring marques and some of them have been successful, like Bugatti, Indian, Norton, and Maybach. Many have tried and failed to resurrect former motoring greats, like Duesenberg, Vincent HRD, Cord, and Excelsior.

The resurrection of Duesenberg came exceedingly close to succeeding, a factory was set up on 88 acres of land in Indianapolis, former Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg engineer Dale Crosper and former Chrysler engineer Paul Farago were brought onboard to develop the underpinnings of the car, and Virgil Exner and Virgil Exner Jr. were brought in to take care of the design.

The design that was penned for the Duesenberg Model D would

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