Despite the original Mustang being a major hit from its launch in mid-1964, that didn’t stop Ford from thinking about future variants of the car. Designed by Gene Bordinat and built by the Ford Special Vehicles Group and Kar Kraft, the Mach 2 Concept was their attempt at a mid-engine version of the Mustang. The prototype, first shown at the 1967 Chicago Auto Show was thought to be a potential replacement for the Shelby Cobra.

Bearing more resemblance to a Corvette from the side than a Mustang, it had a 289 V8 which was mounted behind a two-seat passenger compartment – a complete break from the Mustang’s front-engine, rear-wheel drive configuration. Despite its layout, the car still managed to have a long hood and short tail end with distinctive Mustang styling.

Since the car never made it beyond the auto show circuit, we have no idea it might have

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