This short film by Michael Brown of Corvette Nation tells the story of Corvette collector Danny Reed, and his greatest ever discovery – an original Astrovette. This was the nickname given to the C3 Corvettes that had been leased to some of the Apollo-era Astronauts for the princely sum of $1 USD per year, before being sold off to the general public.

This was a masterful marketing move by Florida Chevrolet dealers Ed Cole and Jim Rathmann  – the latter of whom had won the Indianapolis 500 in 1960. The Astronauts and their matching black and gold Corvettes had been featured in Time Magazine and a slew of other publications and television specials, bringing in untold almost-free publicity for the then-new C3 Corvette.

The surviving Astrovettes are now worth a small fortune, not all of them have survived and it’s thought some were scrapped, although it’s possible that one or

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