The Tempo Mikafa Sport Camper left the factory with a Porsche 356 engine and Porsche badging, making it perhaps the most interesting camper van in the world.

The construction of the Mikafa included a lightweight body made from aluminum alloy with a lightweight frame, all the furniture and fittings were kept as a light as possible as well, and perspex was used for some of the windows.

Mikafa Aero-Inspired Campers

If this all sounds somewhat similar to aircraft construction you’d be more right than you know, German coachbuilder Mikafa started out as an aircraft builder but had to give up the trade in the years after WW2 during the disarmament of Germany.

The company pivoted to coachbuilding and created a line of travel trailers (caravans) using Hahn trailer axles. These sold well enough, Germans take their holidays very seriously after all, and soon enough the company began offering full

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