This car was sold as the Griffith Series 200 in the United States and as the TVR Griffith 200 in the United Kingdom. It was a cross-Atlantic vehicle in the same spirit as the Shelby Cobra, with the chassis and body being made in the UK and the V8-based drivetrain then added in the USA.

The Griffith Series 200 – Built To Hunt Shelby Cobras

The model was named after its creator, Andrew “Jack” Griffith, as the story goes he met Carroll Shelby at a dinner and claimed he could he could build a car that could outperform an AC Cobra.

Hemmingway once said “you should always do sober what you said you’d do drunk, and that’ll teach you to keep your mouth shut”, much to Griffith’s credit he followed through on his claim and succeeded in building a faster car. That said, he did essentially copy Shelby’s homework by

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