Every now and then a truly fascinating vintage race car we’ve never seen before is rolled out of a barn somewhere and placed up for auction – with all of its hard-earned patina still in place.

The car you see here is one such discovery, it’s a rare Daren-BRM Mark III that was raced in the early 1970s with a mid-mounted BRM P56 four-cam V8 engine – an engine that had won both the Formula 1 World Championship and Tasman Championship in the 1960s.

This power unit is a marvel of engineering, it originally had a capacity of just 1498cc (91 cu. in.) in its Formula 1 configuration, with an over-square bore x stroke of 68.5 x 50.8 mm, four cams (two per head), fuel injection, all-alloy construction, and up to 220 bhp at 11,750 rpm.

When this engine was fitted to the back of the BRM P578 Formula 1 car in 1962 Graham

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