This is one of the original cars built for the 2000 film Gone in 60 Seconds, a car famously nicknamed “Eleanor” by Nicholas Cage’s character Randall “Memphis” Raines.

Eleanor, Chip Foose, and The Dream Car

11 examples of Eleanor were either fully or partially built for filming and 5 were destroyed during stunt sequences, all of the cars were Dupont Pepper Grey 1967 Ford Mustang Fastbacks, which were depicted as a Shelby GT500s. Interestingly the cars had bodykits built by Chip Foose with initial design work by Steve Stanford, and a special additional car was built with a 428 Ford V8 for the film’s producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

The car you see here was labelled by the studio as “The Dream Car” during filming. It was used for many of the interior and exterior sequences including the iconic chase scenes through the shipyard, through the city, and along the Los Angeles

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