The Iso Grifo GL Series II was the upgraded second iteration of the Iso Grifo GL – a car that had been developed by the Giotto Bizzarini, the father of the Ferrari 250 GTO, with a body designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, a man widely believed to be the greatest car designer of the 20th century.

While examples of the Ferrari 250 GTO now sell for $50+ million USD, it’s still possible to pick up an Iso Grifo GL for approximately 0.4% this figure, and thanks to the mechanical simplicity of the drivetrain the Grifo can be worked on by almost any mechanic in America.

A Bubble Car, Then A Muscle Car

Back in the 1950s if you’d told someone that Iso would be building some of the most desirable sports cars in Italy within 10 years they’d have though you were going soft in the head.

Iso had started out

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