Hanna & Daylon Lantz: 1968 Dodge Dart

The Father/Son build is often something we hear about. Personally, this is something we can be empathetic too. The idea of bonding over vintage iron and steel on a warm summer’s day is a story as old as the automobile. It is iconic. But this build in particular followed a different path leading in the same direction.

Some time ago Daylon Lantz decided to start a project with his son. He’d wrench on and sand and grind down his Dodge Coronet day by day. Though he loved the idea of working on a restoration project with his kid, the son wasn’t overly interested in cars. Instead, Daylon would find Hanna taking each opportunity to rebuild drum breaks or install new weather stripping with vigour.

She found a sense of accomplishment in breathing new life into these machines. After a couple of years passed,

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