Austrian race driver and engineer Wolfgang Denzel began building his own cars in the years shortly after WW2 using left over VW Kübelwagen chassis fitted with wood-framed bodies.

By the late 1940s he was producing his own bespoke metal bodies using VW engines and running gear, oftentimes his vehicles would find themselves competing with rather similar automobiles made by another Austrian company with close ties to Volkswagen named “Porsche“.

Although these early cars are often lifted as having Volkswagen engines it’s important to note that very little of the original VW actually remained original save for the crankcase. Denzel’s cars made use of new crankshafts, connecting rods, pistons, and cylinders, with modified heads and bespoke exhaust systems.

Initially these cars were badged “WD” after “Wolfgang Denzel”, however this name was changed in 1957 to just “Denzel” for improved name recognition. Due to the close relationship between VW and Porsche,

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