Project Utah – The Jaguar Mk I

The story of the Jaguar Mark II (also known as the Jaguar MK2) begins with Jaguar’s “Project Utah” which gave birth to the Jaguar 2.4 liter and 3.4 liter Mark I. These models then went on to father the Jaguar Mark II and then the Daimler 2.5 V8 which was, in my humble opinion at least, the cream of the crop even though it didn’t have a Jaguar name badge on it nor a pouncing cat leaping forward on its hood.

Work began on the new Jaguar “Project Utah” in May 1952 and it was to herald a number of firsts for the company, the most challenging was to be the decision to move from Jaguar’s old chassis and body construction to unitary construction. Unitary construction (unibody construction) was by the early 1950’s thought to be the future of passenger car construction and

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