The Yenko Stinger was developed by Don Yenko, a former race car driver and worthy rival of his on-track nemesis – Carroll Shelby. Both men started out as racing drivers before moving into performance car production, Yenko did this before Shelby, starting his first performance garage in 1957.

Despite this head start, Don wouldn’t release he own branded car until a little after Carroll – specifically to take him on in SCCA competition where Shelby’s new GT350 was a dominant force.

While the Corvair may seem like an unusual choice to take on Shelby’s Mustangs it did actually make a lot of sense. The Corvair’s name was a portmanteau of Corvette and Bel Air, it was lightweight, it had independent suspension on all four corners, and a rear weight bias that drivers of Porsche 911s have taken advantage of for decades.

Whereas the first generation Chevrolet Corvair had developed

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