Built and developed in secret, the 8m Monofoil is a super-fast one-off foiling monohull, originally designed as a lake racer

Just 8 knots of windspeed or above is enough to see the Monofoil flying

The spectacle of a flying catamaran, be it an Olympic Nacra 17, a GC32, the recent America’s Cup 50-footers, or anything in between, has become almost normal in today’s racing world, so rapid has the shift to foiling been among multihulls.

But, even 17 years after they first appeared, the sight of a diminutive foiling Moth still turns heads. Foilers don’t have to be big to be impressive, balancing a single hull on a single foil is enough. Like those who can ride a unicycle, there’s something awe-inspiring about watching sailors who have pitch perfect balance fly a twitchy monohull while making it look like the most natural thing in the world.

There have been plenty of attempts

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