The ETF26 is a super-light foiling catamaran designed to be sailed by ‘average’ sailors as well as professionals

Seven knots of true wind and a few quick pumps on the mainsheet was all it took to have the 8m cat rise up onto her foils and slip downwind at 16 knots. I’ve been faster, but in such calm conditions and flat water, to hiss past dozens of conventional keelboats sitting bolt upright as they ghosted along was a surreal experience.

I struggled to believe my GPS plot but there it was, a steady 16 knots with several peaks of 17. And on Lake Geneva, no tide could artificially inflate the figures.

With the gennaker furled as we rounded an imaginary bottom mark, the S-shaped daggerboard pushed all the way down to set the under water part of the foil in the L-configuration, we settled into the upwind ‘leg’ in displacement mode.

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