It’s motorcycles like these that shed light on the sorry state of American reality TV. And it looks like the Italians are onto something. Conceived as a brain-child on the Italian TV show ‘Lord of the Bikes,’ this Gentleman’s Ride was put together by bike outfit Anvil Motociclette. The TV show pits top Italians builders against each other and gives them just over two weeks to transform a current Motto Guzzi V9. From the look of their final product, it appears the Anvil team knocked this one out of the park.

In line with the theme, Alessandro ‘Phonz’ Fontanesi and Marco Filios built a noble motorcycle fit for a well-dressed gentleman from years’ past. They took after a more raw and dark style with this build and left the bike absent of any color whatsoever. More in line with the steampunk movement, they decided to mount a sidecar on the V9, a definite first. In fact, the vintage style is brought even more to the forefront of this 21st-century bike thanks to US-spec Norton Commando bars and a Lucas headlight.

Also, the tank is a curvy and round late 1960s BSA Spitfire, the rear frame has been narrowed, and a vintage saddle-style seat is now situated against a 1940s Harley-Davidson fender. There’s also a set of old-school style shocks, built out by Bitubo and modern tires with the classic appearance of 1950s car tires. Throw some matte black paint across the entire thing, including the engine, and Anvil definitely triumphed with this one.