The shovel may have reached peak evolution in the form of the Delta Elite by DMOS (Do My Own Shit).  

Aimed to be serve “only the most discerning diggers,” the ultra-versatile multi-tool boasts an 6061 aluminum and 12-gauge cold-rolled steel construction. The spade-style blade is attached to a connector that allows it to be set up as a hoe and a shovel or collapsed into “stow” mode.

The adjustable T grip, which can be positioned for left- or right-handed users, doubles as the grip of 6-inch cross-cut steel saw blade concealed in the shovel’s shaft that can be used for trimming trees and branches.

What’s more, the saw can also be attached to the telescoping shaft to achieve a maximum length of 51 inches. Collapsed, the Delta Elite measures just 24 inches long. The American-made tool is anodized black for a menacingly rugged finish. 

“Our shovels are designed to outperform any hellish

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