Whisky Advocate has served up a shockingly affordable selection for its best bottle of the year: George Dickel Bottled in Bond, which clocks in at just $36. 

While some whiskey aficionados may be surprised that Dickel was crowned the best new whiskey of the year, it led Maxim.com’s list of our top ten bottled-in-bond spirits back in May. The 13-year-old Tennessee whiskey is a standout partly because its $36 price is remarkably low for a charcoal-filtered whiskey that’s spent so long aging in barrels. Whisky Advocate agrees, noting that “Tennessee whiskey lives in the shadow of bourbon, which can easily command three or four times the price at this age.”

In fact, Nicole Austin, who took over in 2018 as general manager and distiller at the George Dickel’s recently renamed Cascade Hollow Distilling Co., told Maxim.com that the point of the release is to create an affordable luxury with an authenticity marker to

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