Irish whiskey is one of the fastest growing categories of brown spirits, with distilleries new and old releasing expressions every year that experiment with cask finishes and mash bills. But these days Irish whiskey still isn’t known as a go-to cocktail component. 

When most people think of cocktails featuring Irish whiskey, Irish Coffee and the unfortunately named Irish Car Bomb are usually the only things that come to mind.

But in Dublin, you can find some seriously creative and delicious drinks made with the country’s signature spirit. 

In a city where a drink is as close as the nearest pub (and there’s one just around every corner), you can find some of the best cocktails at the city’s urban distilleries, the literal source of the whiskey used in the drinks. Here are some of the best distillery bars in Dublin to drink at now.

Roe & Co.

Roe & Co., Diageo’s first Irish

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