Alice in Chains has joined forces with Chicago’s Few Spirits to release “All Secrets Known,” a limited-edition craft whiskey that’s been finished in tequila barrels. 

The name is a nod to the opening track of the Seattle grunge legends’ 2009 album Black Gives Way to Blue, which was their first full-length release without a contribution from late original vocalist Layne Staley. 

Master Spirits Distiller Paul Hletko filled casks formerly used to age tequila with Few bourbon and let it mature for six months before bottling All Secrets Known. The result is a hard-rocking 101-proof sipper with bold, sweet and spicy bourbon top notes, grassy agave undertones and—according to a lucky Maxim editor who got to sample some—a warm, caramel-like finish. 

In a press release, Hletko described the rockers’ distinctive sound as a big inspiration behind the decision to do a tequila barrel-aged bourbon. 

“Nobody sounds like Alice In Chains. We were inspired by

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