Dads can be difficult to buy gifts for, but a nice bottle of booze always seems to do the trick. 

Sure, there are plenty of worthwhile options that don’t cost a lot, but Father’s Day is a good excuse to spring for something a bit more expensive to show your appreciation for your dad. 

Here are 15 higher-end bottles of spirits and champagne that would make the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Starward Nova Australian Single Malt

Australian whisky hasn’t quite hit it big yet here in the States on the scale of Japanese whisky, but that could change over the coming years. 

Enter Starward Nova, a single malt whisky from Melbourne that is fully aged in red wine barrels. How long exactly? Well, the distillery says three “Melbourne years” – which is open to interpretation since what this really refers to is the drastic temperature shifts that can occur there over the

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