Burger lovers are getting a taste of a legendary Colombian drug kingpin at a restaurant cheekily named Pablo’s Escoburgers in Melbourne, Australia–but not everyone thinks it’s funny.

As you might assume, the food at this Down Under burger joint is inspired by the infamous Pablo Escobar and the party favors he was famous for, and the menu is definitely not subtle about it. 

For example, “The Patron Burger” is served with a line of white garlic powder on top of the bun with a rolled up fake $100 bill jutting out of it, and also comes with a plastic baggie of more “cocaine” plus a coke spoon.

While some find this sort of thing hilarious, others are predictably outraged at the restaurant for glorifying the drug trade and idolizing a drug lord.

One person commented on the restaurant’s Facebook page: “Glorifying drug addiction and joking about it through your presentation methods is really stupid and

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