DP customs is the brainchild of Justin and Jarrod Del Prado, 2 brothers who are all about having fun. This small custom bike shop is located in the Great Midwest of the United States, New River, Arizona and only builds one-off motorcycles. No corporate BS, nobody standing in their creative way. The brothers build bikes that is unique to their buyer.


The custom bikes of DP Customs begin with a donor bike, this can be a Harley Davidson, a Ducati or a Triumph. Most designs are race-inspired with the buyer input in the back of their mind. Once the concept is in place, the brothers strip the donor bike, take apart its motor, and start building. They typically hang on to the drivetrain and the front section of the frame, and then re-engineer, custom fabricate, TIG weld, machine, wire from scratch, or replace every other system and component to create what they hope you’ll consider the best bike of your life.

When the Del Prado brothers are not building bikes they like to have a nice BBQ, storm chase in tornado alley or drink a couple of cold beers. This is also reflected in their company values: “Having fun is our business, and business is good.” 

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