Vintage bikes are only for those hardcore bike lovers who can handle them. Being a huge biker fan and being able to afford one is not just enough to handle a vintage bike. There is a lot of fact checking to be done before you decide to buy a vintage bike for yourself. So here’s a buying guide if you are looking to buy vintage bikes. Unless you are a mechanic or know how to fix a bike, always go for a classic bike that’s in running condition. It is very difficult and quite expensive to get the spare parts and even more difficult to get someone who can fix the vintage bikes.

Vintage bike

Need for speed – not always what you will get in a classic one!

That’s one major issue many people find with vintage bikes. The manly bikes look classic and offer a smooth ride, but are pretty slow as compared to the newer bikes that go zoom on the press of a button! These are more of mood bikes and are better owned as the second bike unless you are never in a need to rush.

Vintage bikes

They can weigh a tonne!!!

That’s the thing about vintage bikes. They are really heavy and if you can’t handle the weight, please forget about them. It gets a little tricky balancing when it weighs too much, especially if you are planning to take it along the city roads with heavy traffic. They rarely go off-balance, that is for sure, but the weight is something you need to be prepared for.

Vintage bikes

Be prepared to feed fuel-hunger!

You can forget about mileage if you want a classic bike. These man-machines are as expensive to run and maintain as they are to own. The vintage bikes are usually pre-owned and hence would have long past completed their prime days. But with proper maintenance, they would still run as good as a new one, except for speed and mileage.

Vintage motorcycle

They look beastly beautiful

Yes, and that’s exactly why they are known as manly machines! It is definitely a pride to own and to ride one without any doubt. It has become a trend to own a vintage bike as a collection with many rich people. The comfort and the proud feeling these classic machines give cannot be compared to any of the modern beasts available in the market.

Vintage bike

You can customize them

That’s one major reason many people buy the classic bikes even if they are not in a running condition. The mechanic-crazy people always want to buy a broken beast and fix it up with modern spares though they retain the basic elements of the vintage era. And the moment of pride when it comes live again is something unexplainable!

Vintage bike

Final tips

Now some tips on what’s the better model to buy. The Japanese bikes are quite affordable and very reliable too, though the spares may be a little difficult to get. The American bikes can be easily customized and their spare parts are much cheaper though the quality cannot be vouched. The European classic bikes are true investments as they are rare and quite expensive.


In conclusion, follow these tips and do your homework; be prepared to spend time working on your vintage motorcycle and most of all, enjoy the freedom of the open road!